The high school student was caught on video attacking a Black student.

5 Black men were surveying property to build a memorial for the 1923 Rosewood massacre.

Race Matters

A white woman has been banned from using Uber after she launched a racist attack against her Black driver during a Karen moment on video.

A viral video shows Mexican American woman Esmeralda Upton assaulting Indian women in Plano, Texas during a racist, violent attack.

Race Matters

NYPD is investigating it as a hate crime.


Rayme McCoy fell victim to a racist verbal attack by Kevin Williamson who then punched her more than 10 times at a Jacksonville gas station. Her lawyers want him to face hate charges.


Admitted racist Nolan Levi Strauss, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stabbing a complete stranger twice in the neck nearly killing him, had the caucacity to say Black people are lacking in morality and are not good people.

Oklahoma man Payton Heird, 22, was arrested early Sunday morning after he attacked and threatened Zuria Hurst, 18, on Baker’s Bridge.


She says the assault happened after she experienced sexist and anti-Black remarks.


Racist attacks have seemingly exceeded hashtags on social media. In fact, news of such attacks seem to be paired with an unfortunate combination of fury and predicability. Interestingly, following unwavering sit-in protests by members of the student body and an epic united front, a majority of the proposed demands to ensure the safety of those […]

The actor's team is reportedly ready for a fight.

Eddie Johnson blasted the "Empire" actor now he is under investigation.