After Donald Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee and Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race, Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced plans to suspend his campaign for the White House on Wednesday, reports Politico: [Kasich] had long ago been mathematically eliminated from clinching the GOP nomination outright but had hoped to emerge as a […]

Colin Powell, appearing on CBS' This Morning, criticized the vulgarity and childishness of the Republican presidential candidates. He hopes the national mourning for Nancy Reagan will usher in a period of civility.

Donald Trump and his stunning rise as the GOP frontrunner in seeking the nomination for the 2016 presidency has puzzled some analysts and onlookers who have been critical of his abrasive antics. That brash tone that Trump has become notorious for has spread to his supporters, who clashed with Latino supporters who have gathered to […]

In an effort to distinguish himself in the crowded Republican field of 16 presidential candidates, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson blasted Planned Parenthood with old recriminations in the aftermath of deceptively edited videos that accuse the group of selling fetal body parts. During a recent phone interview with radio host Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio in Des Moines, […]