Families of Mississippi inmates are speaking out amid recent deaths and inhumane prison conditions.

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In a recent article for American Banker titled Lessons from Baltimore: ‘Middle-Class Folks Don’t Riot,’ John Hope Bryant, President and CEO of Operation Hope, wrote: “Our goal as a society should be to bring economic opportunity to these neighborhoods. That starts with financial education and ends with making free enterprise work for all.” Bryant joined Roland Martin Wednesday […]

Two Baltimore correctional officers have been charged with looting after a YouTube clip showed them stealing from a local store during riots following the death of Freddie Gray. Officers Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard can be seen in the video above taking food from a local 7-Eleven store, according to the Baltimore Sun. The video shows Richard and […]

The family of Freddie Gray held a peaceful and moving memorial service for the 25-year-old Baltimore man at New Shiloh Baptist Church on Monday morning. Few would have expected that after such an affair, just blocks away, would be a scene of unrest that the city hasn’t seen since the tail-end of the Civil Rights Movement. As the […]

Call them riots or civil insurrections, when a disenfranchised population is triggered by an event that symbolizes their shared grievances, the consequences can be the unleashing of years of suppressed frustration and rage. While it is common for governments to blame the rioters, a detailed look at the causes show that the law and law […]

Twenty years ago today, rioting in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn shed light on state of black-Jewish relations in a city where both communities vie for influential shares of everything from political influence to real estate. A once power alliance that helped institute dramatic change during the Civil Right Era took an abrupt turn […]

I wrote this article in January of 2009, but felt it was relevant again due to the riots in London and other cities in the U.K. As we can see in the article, the riots in the U.K. should be of no surprise, as history shows us that poverty, discrimination, unemployment and police brutality often […]

Three British Asians were killed Tuesday night in Birmingham by a speeding car, amid riots that have spread across the United Kingdom. RELATED: What Sparked The London Riots? So-called copycat violence, looting and arson erupted last night in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Salford, Nottingham and elsewhere. Reports say the three were on the streets to protect […]

A black man convicted in the death of a white Jewish scholar during race riots in the 1990s has been stabbed in the head with an ice pick in a possible road rage attack, police say.