Race Matters

Social media videos show a "Karen" manager at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Toledo, Ohio, racially profiling two Black shoppers. Lamar Richards and Austin Greer had already spent $600 when cops were called.

Racially motivated calls for boycotts of certain retail stores are popping up as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

Safeway supermarket employees called 911 and reported that a Black woman was shoplifting, when she was actually donating food to a homeless man.

A California storeowner called the police on a Black family while they were trying on clothes.

Morry Matson is going to learn the hard way -- just like Permit Patty.

CVS manager called the police on a Black woman who wanted to use a manufacture's coupon.

The attorney for African-American clients who alleged that they were victims of shopping while Black filed four separate lawsuits against several companies, including Walmart, Sunglass Hut and Nike.

Attorneys representing 20-year-old Ashanae Davis held a press conference to publicized an incident at a Target store, where security guards humiliated Davis and falsely accused her of shoplifting a bikini.

A Black woman sued Walmart for keeping Black beauty products in a locked case, “segregated” from other beauty products.

An African-American couple filed a lawsuit Thursday against Barneys in New York City for harassing them when they tried to return high-priced designer jeans and a scarf.

Kanye West is a firm believer in pushing boundaries and setting trends instead of following them, however his recent fashion decisions beg to be questioned.…