South Carolina Congressman and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is not only seeking re-election at the age of 81, but he is also all but daring any candidates to challenge him for the seat he's held for nearly the past three decades: "Come get it."

Black residents in South Carolina could be in trouble of losing their homes as the state plans to widen a freeway interchange to help alleviate highway congestion in the area.

A recent report suggests the only Black Republican Senator could be making a power move ahead of the 2024 presidential season after meeting with major Republican donors.

Good News

South Carolina State University is eliminating $9.8 million in debt for students.

Sutherland's family attended a demonstration on Wednesday, calling for the arrest of the North Charleston detention center deputies who were fired over his January in-custody death. The demonstration followed a $10M settlement unanimously approved by Charleston city council members.

A South Carolina appellate court ruling found that a Black man with intellectual disabilities is owed double the amount of restitution after being forced into slave labor by a white restaurant manager.

Police went above and beyond to ensure the safety of an army sergeant who was caught on video harassing a young Black man in South Carolina for simply walking in his own neighborhood.

The gunman who killed five people, including a prominent doctor in South Carolina, his wife, and two grandchildren, was former NFL player Phillip Adams, according to the AP.

Three young Black men were killed on the campus of South Carolina State University on Feb. 8, 1968, during an anti-segregation protest after local police opened fire on a group of demonstrators.

Good News

North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby works night shifts at Walmart to support students at his school who are facing financial hardships.

Harry Griffin, a 25-year-old councilmember, voiced support for white nationalists who participated in an alt-right rally on Saturday aimed at "taking back the city."

Jaime Harrison, the Democratic nominee challenging U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, has fallen short in his historic bid to replace an incumbent who was largely seen as vulnerable.