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Stevie Wonder’s birthday was Sunday, but it seems like the celebration has been under way since at least last week. And if he has his way, it won’t stop anytime soon.

The legendary soul singer who has a history of social activism recently offered up his opinions, and solutions, surrounding several contentious topics, including but definitely not limited to the sad state of affairs in the world.

To counter the widespread “confusion” and surge of hate around the globe, Wonder’s first order of business, he said, was to perform a series of “positive” shows, according to the Associated Press, which attended the Hollywood performance.

“So much is going on in the world. And there is too much confusion,” Wonder said during the performance last Thursday. “The one thing we know for sure that we can celebrate is our life, our love and our music… The positive will win in the end.”

He also had an impromptu jam session with Donald Glover, the actor who also sings and raps as Childish Gambino. Wonder said he wanted to work with Glover for an upcoming album.

“I got some songs on the next project, I think it would be great for us to collaborate, and do some visuals,” Wonder, who also joked bout his blindness – “Donald Glover! I saw your last video!” – said to the brainchild and star of the hit TV show “Atlanta.” “In a time when the world seems so asleep, it’s great to know when people are woke.”

That “woke” comment may or may not have been a direct reference to Kanye West’s recent misguided comments calling slavery “a choice” for the millions of enslaved Africans and African-Americans who endured deadly racist treatment for centuries. But Wonder let his true feelings on Kanye’s consequential words be known, the Guardian reported.

“There’s been a lot of talk about what was said by Kanye,” he said during the same performance. “I want people to understand that the truth is the truth and a lie is a lie. We all know that slavery was not a choice. So I just think that people need to understand that if you know your history, if you know the truth, you know that’s just foolishness.”


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