Student Debt Crisis

After the courts blocked Biden's forgiveness plan, now what?

Republican governors are framing student debt cancellation as a class issue, pushing the false narrative that relief punishes the poor and rewards the rich.

Black women are uniquely saddled with student loan debt.

The pause on federal student loans expires soon.

The student loan debt crisis is worsening, Black and Latino borrowers say.

A collective of activists erased $1.7 million in student debt for nearly 500 former Bennett College scholars.

President Joe Biden's speech from North Carolina A&T State University is expected to address rising prices at a time when Black students disproportionately saddled by debt are among the most adversely affected by the inflation crisis.

Students at Virginia-based HBCU Hampton University got a pleasant surprise this week after learning that all balances from the Spring 2022 semester will be wiped, and no new increase in tuition, fees, room and board for the fall semester.

The Debt Collective demanded Biden "pick up the pen" and wipe out all student loan debt in an action Monday.  

In a letter dated March 31, Democrats asked President Biden to extend the pause through the end of the year and take steps toward canceling the federal student loans. 

Hampton University is receiving significant backlash on social media after the school announced it has invited students impacted by the war in Ukraine to study at the HBCU's campus for free.

The Student Freedom Initiative is one of the organizations trying to correct the problem of bad student loan agreements by providing social and economic mobility for STEM-studying juniors and seniors at HBCUs for years to come.