Supreme Court

A new generation of Black lawyers showed up to support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation alongside Black public defenders and other legal professionals.  

By attacking public defenders, Republican Senators at Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing are attacking the guidance and supervision of the administrative oversight provided by the United States Courts.

If Thomas were really worried about the Court’s credibility, he would be talking to Ginni Thomas about respecting democracy and process, given her efforts in support for overturning the 2020 election. 

Black women are more than fixers of institutional disaster.

At numerous points in modern history, majority opinions were inconsistent with values of equity and justice.

The road to confirmation for a Black woman will not be easy.

One of these legal scholars could change the make-up of the country's highest court.

Thomas has been a source of political contention ever since his confirmation process thirty years ago. Days before President George Bush nominated Thomas to the Bench, Justice Thurgood Marshall spoke about not wanting a token appointment to replace him. He said someone should be picked for the right reasons and not just a token appointment with an agenda.

In this case, Cameron seeks to revive litigation pertaining to a law banning a procedure commonly performed in abortions occurring after 14-weeks. Passed in 2018, the law was previously declared unconstitutional in large part because it is effectively an impermissible pre-viability ban.

Thurgood Marshall, the first Black justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, was confirmed to the nation's highest legal body on Aug. 30, 1967. Fifty-four years later, his legacy lives on through these life-changing quotes he spoke in life.

At a time when conservatives are sweeping history aside, Sotomayor’s concurring opinion provides a framework for Congress to fix the gap in legislation which often affects Black and minority communities.

Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni offered an apology to her husband's Supreme Court clerks on Jan. 18 after using a personal Facebook account to cheer on the white supremacists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.