White House domestic policy adviser Susan Rice announced she will be stepping down, prompting Joe Biden to honor her "tireless efforts" in working "to get important things done for the American people."

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Former Nation Security Adviser Susan Rice's new role as "race czar" comes after the NAACP demanded the Biden-Harris administration create a new position addressing racial justice, equity, and advancement.

California Rep. Karen Bass, California Sen. Kamala Harris and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice seem to have become the unofficial finalists in the "veepstakes," so detractors are looking for dirt on them ... to no avail.

The former National Security Adviser denies "unmasking" Trump campaign officials, which they think somehow vindicates Trump's ridiculous "wiretapping" claims.

The advice comes amid a racially divisive presidential race as Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has made disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants and proposed a temporary ban on Muslims.

Politicker One: The trip marks the first time a sitting U.S. president has traveled to those nations. Plus: Clinton talks Sandra Bland.

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How can we advance  the issues of economics and fair trade between the United States and the African nations represented at this years leadership summit? Susan Rice, White House National Security Advisor talked with Roland Martin Tuesday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the U.S. Africa Leadership Summit and what we can look forward to in the […]

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Podcast: Download Roland Martin says  he can’t stand rude people. In this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast, Roland asks the question what is it with rude people? Is it that hard for them to be polite and speak? Roland takes your calls in this very polite and courteous edition of the “NewsOne Now” […]

Even before Secretary of State John Kerry inserted an expensive shoe in to his mouth and Russia stepped in to the fray to provide a diplomatic approach to stopping U.S. military action in Syria, the chance that President Barack Obama would be granted congressional approval to authorize U.S. military action against the small nation in crisis did […]

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If Susan Rice would like a shoulder to cry on after acknowledging she won’t become secretary of state, she might seek out someone who knows her pain. That someone would be legal scholar Lani Guinier. Both are tremendously talented Black women who rose to the top rungs of national government and enjoyed the favor of […]

On Thursday, well-respected U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice (pictured) announced that she is stepping down from her run for secretary of state, according to NBC News. SEE ALSO: President: Republicans Threaten Political War Over Fiscal Cliff In a letter to President Barack Obama, Rice voiced concern over an unnecessary and prolonged vetting due to the incessant […]