For "good actors" to reach voters effectively, they need clear and consistent information about how to comply with the new 10DLC policies.

T-Mobile employees allegedly claimed there was a robbery.

A mom blames her infant's death on the company and city officials' failure to fix a 911 call center problem.


The ad went down hill when Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure asked lunch guests what they think when they hear the word “T-Mobile.”


Junior Alexander Guy began receiving death threats after phone service T-Mobile assigned him George Zimmerman‘s old cell phone number, reports the Huffington Post.  “You deserve to die,” irate callers said. “You murderer!” The Orlando Sun-Sentinel reports: The number —407-435-2400 — was the one Zimmerman spelled out to a police dispatcher in a recorded call the […]

NEW YORK – AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion, but the deal isn’t set to close until a year from now, and it will likely face tough regulatory scrutiny. RELATED: Chris Brown balls out for fame Here’s what a completed deal could mean for customers: • Bigger choice of phones […]