In the wake of Symone Marshall, who died in jail last month in Walker County, Texas, NewsOne remembers other African-American women who have died in the custody of law enforcement officers in recent years. Marshall, 22, passed away on April 26 following an arrest on charges of possession of a controlled substance and failure to […]

The investigation surrounding the 2014 death of Tanisha Anderson at the hands of the police has taken a new turn after it was announced that the Ohio attorney general's office was named the special prosecutor in the case, NBC News reports.

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a song titled, “Woman is the N*gger of the World” in 1972. The duo expressed they were using the n-word to mean an oppressed person. Given the historical context of the word typically being used as a racial slur against blacks, what is your reality when you are not […]

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The family of Tanisha Anderson (pictured) is suing Cleveland following her death in police custody last fall, reports. SEE ALSO: Whitney Houston’s Family Snubs Lifetime Biopic Premiere According to the suit, filed Wednesday: “The death of this joyful, loving, unarmed 37-year-old woman in the midst of a mental health crisis is part of the pattern […]