Some question the wisdom of the incident as it feeds into the right’s obsession with “crisis actors” and claims tragic events are staged.  Others directly challenged the use of Charlottesville as a prop. Local news outlet WVIR reported that Democratic Del. Sally Hudson who represents the area called out the stunt.  

The nearly 3-year-old blackface scandal surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has resurfaced as the state's Democratic and Republican gubernatorial nominees court Black voters ahead of next week's election. It's not a good look for Terry McAuliffe or Glenn Youngkin.


To deflect from criticism about his "election integrity" activities, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin released an ad that is eerily similar to a viral ad released last year by Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Despite being exposed for wearing Blackface in an old photo back in 2019, Northam’s support was highly sought after. He claims that he met with all of the candidates except one who was not interested in his endorsement. 

Richmond, Virginia's mayoral race has taken a strange turn days ahead of Election Day.