Big Pokey and The Screwed Up Click saw their style and sound spread throughout the nation in the early 2000s.

Legislation and policies that disproportionately affect Black people aren't limited to Florida.

Motorist George Alvarez, who was accused of "intentionally" crashing a vehicle into migrants in Brownsville, Texas, killing eight, has been charged with manslaughter and more.

Larry Pearson was sentenced for the misdemeanor crime in Lubbock, Texas.

Texas Republicans announced their plans to take over Houston Independent School District, which is also majority Black or Hispanic.

Former Fort-Worth officer Aaron Dean was found guilty of manslaughter over three years after he killed Atatiana Jefferson.

Race Matters

A viral video shows a Pflugerville teacher tell students near Austin that white people are the "superior" race. The teacher was not fired.

Takeoff’s shooting death has raised some concerns about Texas’ extremely lax gun laws and the city of Houston’s rising homicide rate.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a Black man on death row who claims he didn’t get a fair trial because of racial bias among jurors.

The Texas attorney general literally "ran" from doing his job when being served a subpoena.

Police Brutality

Shaun Lucas killed unarmed Black man Jonathan Price during a 2020 confrontation.

Arika Carr was sworn as the first Black woman police chief of Fort Bend County, Texas.