BP member sugeredbabe says, “Well folks we elected an African American President. but we still got work to do especially in Bush Country (Texas).”

This summer Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright got into an altercation with police in Texas while filming ‘W.’ Footage of the altercation and arrest has finally been released. In the video both Brolin and Wright get pepper sprayed by police and Wright is repeatedly tasered.

While top executives of sinking companies are being bailed out, average Americans are being failed by their government, and left to struggle with the crisis on their own. NewsOne introduces our <strong>"Bailed Or Failed"</strong> series. <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Click through</span> to read about an exec who was bailed out and an average American who was failed during the financial crisis.<strong> Protest here!</strong>

An East Texas grand jury indicted two white men Thursday in the racially charged hit-and-run death of a black man who was dragged beneath a pickup truck.

AT&T Inc. joined the recession’s parade of layoffs Thursday by announcing plans to cut 12,000 jobs, about 4 percent of its work force.

Despite some glitches many people across the country went out and exercised their right to vote early on October 20, 2008. Check out what happened on the first day of early voting in the 2008 Presidential election!

The nation’s second-largest prison system is enforcing a lockdown after authorities learned a condemned killer had made threatening calls to a Texas state senator from a cell phone smuggled into death row.