Race Matters

Conservatives at Fox News are mad that the tour of Thomas Jefferson's famous Monticello mansion focuses on his history as a slave owner.


The room of Sally Hemings, a slave who had a long-term relationship with Thomas Jefferson, will be excavated at Monticello.

Marquette, Fordham, and Brown University have stripped Bill Cosby of his honorary doctorate degrees as a result of the allegations that he drugged and raped nearly 50 women over the course of the last 30 years. Christina Paxson, President of Brown University, released a statement about the institution’s decision: “It has become clear, by his […]

Astronomer and almanac author Benjamin Banneker (pictured), who was largely self-educated, rose in prominence in the 18th century via his written works and the accuracy he displayed in predicting solar and lunar eclipses. However, it was Banneker’s challenge, by way of written correspondence, to then-Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson on the act of slavery that […]

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, in conjunction with the National Museum of American History, unveiled a new exhibit on Friday that features one of the nation’s Founding Fathers. The exhibit, “Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: Paradox of Liberty,” turns a focus on the contradictory stances of Thomas Jefferson and his slave ownership. […]

WASHINGTON — As the Smithsonian Institution continues developing a national black history museum, it is offering a look at Thomas Jefferson’s lifelong slave ownership through an exhibit that explores the lives of six slave families at his Monticello plantation. The exhibit at the National Museum of American History includes a look at the family of […]