Tim Scott's now-former campaign staffers were reportedly "pissed" at his "surprise" announcement to abruptly end his presidential bid without key stakeholders knowing in advance.


One campaign staffer said he "had no idea."

Was the woman posing on stage with Tim Scott after the GOP presidential debate in Miami the South Carolina Senator's girlfriend?

He must have thought his "America isn't racist" shtick was a one-size-fits-all narrative.

Tim Scott said during the second GOP presidential debate that slavery wasn't as "hard to survive" for Black families as LBJ's "Great Society" welfare program.


South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott debuted a beard during the second Republican debate, sparking homophobic reactions amid GOP-led questions about his "girlfriend."

Republicans are apparently more concerned with Tim Scott's marital status than the issues.

Tim Scott, 59, said he's dating "a lovely Christian girl" and quoted the Bible to hint he may propose: "He who finds a wife finds a good thing." Here's what else he's said about his girlfriend amid scrutiny of being unmarried.


Why do politicians like Tim Scott share so much from their personal lives on the campaign trail? Research shows it boosts popularity and reduces party polarization in people’s views of politicians.

Tim Scott says his "opponents" are to blame for the media focus on him not being married while running for president and that "voters don't care." But Republican donors sure do...

Tim Scott downplayed racism while on the campaign trail in Iowa, and polls suggest that helps him resonate with white voters more.


Donors reportedly want to know as they look 2024 campaigns to support.