Oprah Winfrey will be hosting a series of virtual town hall events in various battleground states that are expected to play key roles in helping to decide who wins the election.


On June 24th iOne Digital and the National Museum of African American Music hosted a dynamic discussion on "The State of Black Music Today: A Timely Conversation Between Voices of the Music Industry".

President Barack Obama is receiving a lot of heat following The President and the People town hall that broadcast across all of the Disney networks on Thursday night. Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner – the man killed by an illegal chokehold in 2014 – expressed her disappointment with the town hall on race via social media. In one […]

“Let me tell you, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president,” Obama said. “That I can tell you.”

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This past Saturday during a town hall meeting hosted by the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus and moderated by NewsOne Now host Roland Martin, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared her views on small business development and her desire to help women and minority business owners. “My particular hope is that I can be the small business president, and I […]

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Want to know how Hillary Clinton will win the Black vote? By learning how to do "The Wobble" of course.

During a town hall moderated by NewsOne Now's Roland Martin, Hillary Clinton proposed reclassifying marijuana while lowering the federal restrictions that will allow for more research of the drug.

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On Saturday, Nov. 7, Hillary Clinton will participate in a town hall in Orangeburg, South Carolina moderated by Roland Martin, host and managing editor of TV One’s News One Now. Join the conversation and send your questions using the hashtag #NewsOneNow

While the Daily News met the day with a “Mad Carl Disease” cover headline, the NY Post embraced Joe the Plumber of the Month Velma Hart. Hart is the latest “average” citizen to be catapulted to election-year fame for her heartfelt entreaty to President Obama at a town hall meeting in Washington, where she asked […]