Schools in New Jersey and Arizona failed to consult with Black parents when their kids were targets of racist bullying.

A Black New Jersey student athlete and her mother want two White students to apologize in person for racial abuse.

School districts in Utah are the latest to observe a rise in White students targeting their Black classmates for racial bullying.

Racist bullies assault an 8-year-old boy. His family raises money for medical expenses while legal issues get sorted out.

A Black Maryland middle school student recorded a video of her classmates chanting a racist slur on their school bus. The video went viral, and adds more evidence of growing student incivility.

A group, allegedly football players, dismantled the Trump wall built by the Tulane University's Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Students of color took offense to the suggested message written on the sandbag wall.

A survey reveals an increase in classrooms of fear and bullying targeting immigrant and minority students. The teachers who were surveyed blamed Donald Trump for what researchers are calling the Trump Effect.