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Jordan Jackson, 8, suffered a fractured arm and concussion while defending himself and his younger sister from racist bullies on a school playground in Geismar, Louisiana, the Weekly Citizen reports.

The boy’s mother, Alana Jackson, said the incident happened on Nov. 14 after school hours at Spanish Lake Primary School. Jordan and J’Niaha, his 4-year-old sister, were waiting for Jackson to pick them up.

An elementary school-aged White boy was throwing mulch at J’Niaha. When Jordan intervened, another bully told him that he needs “to go back to the cotton farm.” Jordan told him that was racist. One of the boys’ 13-year-old brothers pushed Jordan to the ground repeatedly and body slammed him.

A fifth-grade bystander witnessed the incident and walked Jordan and J’Niaha to safety.

The Citizen said there were no adult witnesses. However, a surveillance video is available. The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet that an investigation is underway.

Jackson posted a Facebook message about the incident that went viral:

“Now you tell me…as a parent, how do I not feel hurt? As an African American, how do I not take offense? As a Christian, how do I not seek love? I am disappointed that our culture has exhibited the behavior that makes our children believe that this type of behavior is acceptable…Yet I am hopeful that God is still in control.”

The principal apologized but told Jackson that the school is not liable because the incident happened after school hours and involved an individual who is not enrolled at Spanish Lake Primary School.

Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander echoed the principal in his statement, via The Citizen:

“We are working with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office to investigate an incident that reportedly took place on the grounds of Spanish Lake Primary. As the incident occurred after school and work hours between minors under the supervision of their parents, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction.”

In the meantime, the Jackson family has mounting medical bills. “I am not trying to, at all, paint [school officials] as not wanting to help,” Jackson told The Citizen. “I do want whatever is supposed to be done – done, and it not to be swept under the rug.”

While the legal issues are being sorted out, Jordan and J’Niaha’s uncle, Cris Colbert, launched a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised more than $46,000 in eight days by 1,495 people.

SOURCE: Weekly Citizen


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