Educators are experimenting with research that says children focus better when allowed to move.

TFA is committed to recruiting 2,400 Latino undergraduates and professionals over the next three years to teach in predominantly low-income Latino schools.

Some experts say that kids need more recess—not more test prep—to excel in school.


We hope to bring solutions to the table that target the current state of our education while uplifting the educators dedicated to empowering their students.


Here, Dr. Christopher Emdin – a social critic, associate professor and the Director of Science Education at Columbia University’s Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education – examines how representation in schools can create the opportunity for students to own their knowledge and actualize their creativity and brilliance.


The University of Phoenix has teamed up with NewsOne to “change the lives of students, families, and future generations through higher learning” by examining the factors that disable our students – from severe underrepresentation in schools to systemic poverty – in order to find solutions to combat those alarming disparities.

Saving Tomorrow Video

If the beginning of a child’s education is ultimately their foundation, it’s imperative that the answer to our nation’s failing education system is identified and remedied.


Byron Jones was appointed Chief Financial Officer of University of Phoenix in 2013, after joining Apollo Education Group in 2012. Byron leads the finance functions for the University, working closely with University of Phoenix executive leaders to provide clear oversight of financial operations, an area that is essential to the University’s success. Byron has extensive […]

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There is a lot of concern in educational circles that American students are not ready to compete on a global level. With advancements in technology, the world is becoming smaller and more competitive. What must we do to prepare the next generation so that they are ready to take on the world? On Thursday, Jackie Jones, Chair […]

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Technology has changed our lives drastically over the course of the last 20 years. From the advent of the internet, to the use of smartphones, social media networks and the use of cloud computing, tech’s impact is clear. But in what way is technology being used to transform the classrooms of today into the learning centers of tomorrow? […]

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Where are the jobs of the future, what are the top five careers students should be preparing for in their post high school education? If you were preparing to go to college do you know what areas of study would put you in high demand and lead to a lucrative career? On Thursday, Roland Martin, host […]