A complex issue made simple.

Here’s a primer on the basic elements of school choice.

Together they account for just 16 percent of the best 6,000 public high schools analyzed in the annual survey.

Public schools are not even trying to educate Black kids, many parents say.

Hill returns to his roots to focus on how media can help solve the challenges Philadelphia faces.

One year after receiving vouchers, many students regressed academically.

With no safeguards in place, lawmakers voted to grant school districts total discretion on physical punishment of students.

Former first lady Michelle Obama participated in a College Signing Day event in New York City on Friday.

George Mason University researchers found that Fairfax County, Virginia is more likely to hire White teachers than equally qualified Black educators.

Raven Osborne, once labeled as having a learning disability, persevered with encouragement from her mom.

Principal Jessica Johnson says her students face 14 different types of traumas that inhibit learning.

Students are under siege, over-policed, and marginalized in their communities and schools. That creates barriers to learning.