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Corporate Community School Classroom
Johns Hopkins University, East Baltimore, East Baltimore Community School
High School Science Lab Experiments

Marc's Message

From the very founding of our nation, a high-quality public education has been seen as a fundamental right. But America hasn't always lived up to that ideal.

Students of color are much more likely to attend schools where three-quarters of the students or more are poor or low-income, and poor districts with a higher proportion of students of color have been shown to receive substantially less state funding than comparably poor districts that have more white students.

More than six decades after the Supreme Court declared that segregation has no place in public education, America still fails to provide an equal opportunity for all students.

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to create a plan to address inequality. No Ceilings on Success gives parents and communities the tools to hold schools accountable to those plans. The Founding Fathers envisioned an "aristocracy of virtue" and talent, but unless we lift the ceilings for everyone, much of our nation's best talent will remain held down. Through, No Ceilings on Success, every student can soar to great heights.

Marc Morial