What's going on in the Uvalde Police Department is just another day for cops in general.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blames marijuana use for the mass shooting in Texas and other instances of violence in America.

Donald Trump Jr. claimed Salvador Ramos would have committed the "same" Uvalde shooting with a bat or machete.

Comedian Jason Selvig grabbed a mic at the NRA convention to mock CEO Wayne LaPierre with a satirical "thoughts and prayers" speech.

During much of America's ongoing conversation about the root causes of gun violence, the makers of guns have typically escaped scrutiny.

Former President Donald Trump once again tried and failed to show leadership after a crisis.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pointed to gun violence in Chicago to deflect responsibility for the Uvalde school shooting in his own state.

The Uvalde school shooting investigation has shifted its focus to the police response that witnesses say left much to be desired.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans defend guns in the wake of Salvador Ramos' mass shooting in Uvalde County.

Both Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Sen. Ted Cruz doubled down on false narratives about gun reform while passing the buck once again. 

If the Uvalde school shooting wasn't bad timing (to say the least), the upcoming NRA event in Texas where Gov. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz are scheduled to speak certainly is.