Right-wing anti-vaxxers took to Twitter to try - without any proof - to blame Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's scary injury on his "vaccine status."


Despite the threats that some 10,000 NYPD officers would quit over New York City's vaccine mandate for municipal workers, the actual number of officers placed on unpaid leave after refusing the shot stands at only 34 cops. 

A hip-hop concert that was planned for November 7th at Detroit’s Masonic Temple has been canceled by promoters due to the venue’s new vaccine mandate.

Dozens of state troopers in Massachusetts have resigned following the state's recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the latest instance of public servants quitting because of pandemic guidelines.

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Several surveys have shown that as many as half of unvaccinated workers insist they would leave their jobs if forced to get the shot, but historical data suggest they're just bluffing.

Teachers and other school staff in Oregon must be vaccinated by Oct. 18. But a special education staffer at an elementary school decided protesting in blackface was the way to protest the change.

There is no such thing as an AIDS vaccine. There’s not even a mandate for PrEP, the prescription drug that has been a game-changer in preventing the spread of HIV.   Setting aside his referencing of a nonexistent vaccine and mandate, Kemp leads a state that already mandates vaccines.


A new report found that the leading cause of death for police nationwide is COVID-19. Still, police unions across America are refusing to comply with vaccine mandates.

A viral video making the rounds on social media is bringing attention to what's being described as a growing trend of people who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates by exercising vague religious exemptions as a way to skirt the rules.

With newly-mandated vaccine requirements, will unvaccinated Black people be at an even higher risk of being ostracized from our communities?

Photos and video footage showed dozens of white people rioting at a rally in Los Angeles protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in a violent demonstration that the LAPD is being accused of allowing the Proud Boys to instigate.