Implying that Black people don't speak up for other oppressed groups is a flat-out lie.

Van Jones did not apologize to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people's "silence" over Kanye West's antisemitism, but criticism followed anyway.

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin didn't spare Van Jones one bit during a recent appearance on the daytime talk show.

The news pundit is once again called out for a problematic stance.

Van Jones obviously has an issue with anyone insulting Trump -- his "uniter-in-Chief." So, he decided to attack Sen. Kamal Harris.

Well, this is what happens when you defend a racist. They eventually turn on you.

Philadelphia-bred rapper Meek Mill has teamed up with lawmakers to propose a probation and parole reform bill.

Twitter is dragging the commentator.

Van Jones was being dragged on social media for what many called a tone-deaf interview with Jared Kushner.

They were together for 13 years.

Van is getting way too close to the sunken place.