NEW YORK — After challenging Glenn Beck to a debate, Van Jones, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, threatened to seek legal action against Fox News if they do not refrain and retract inflammatory statements made against him on their network. Jones’ attorney sent a cease and desist letter Monday to Dianne […]

WASHINGTON -Former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has challenged Fox News Host, Glenn Beck to a debate. Beck had previously launched a campaign against Jones, incorrectly labeling him a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, while ignoring the many 9/11 conspiracy theorists in the Tea Party movement. Eventually, Jones resigned after Fox News continued in Beck’s […]

Donald Trump is once again trumpeting his belief that he does like black people. On the Monday edition of “Fox & Friends,” the political mogul addressed new accusations of racism from African-American activist Van Jones, who has called on Star Jones and Lil Jon to make a statement against Trump for his attacks on Obama. […]

I UNDERSTAND how Shirley Sherrod, the Agriculture Department official who was forced to resign last week, must have felt.  Last year I, too, resigned from an administration job, after I uttered some ill-chosen words about the Republican Party and was accused — falsely — of signing my name to a petition being passed around by […]

From Former White House green jobs czar Van Jones — best known, perhaps, for his messy departure from the Obama administration — urged a room full of student progressive activists on Wednesday to turn off “the little idiot box” [cable news] that was trying to “depress them” and to ignore the “fearmongers” who peddle […]

From CNN: Washington — While Van Jones may have left the White House under a cloud, the NAACP says that’s not his whole story.