Lil Kim, Diana Ross, Aaliyah, The Notorious B.I.G. and many other iconic moments at the MTV Video Music Awards.

After watching the VMAs—or better yet, watching the reaction to people watching the VMAs on Sunday night via Twitter, I realized that I am a visitor to your planet. I’m not exactly sure where “I’m” from but I’m fairly positive it can’t be here.

Will.i.am is defending the black makeup he wore to the VMAs Sunday night, insisting there is nothing “racial” about it.

Kanye West had a toast for the douchebags at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

Be warned, Kanye: Taylor Swift has written a song about you, and she’s singing it at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Kanye West recently was on the radio discussing the VMA incident and he compared the backlash he faced to the murder of Emmett Till, the Chicago teenager who was killed for whistling at a white woman in Money, Mississippi. Check out the entire interview at TheUrbanDaily.