Videos of Donald Trump giving speeches is reinforcing the same alleged cognitive concerns that Republicans have used to fearmonger about President Joe Biden.


Flint councilman Eric Mays told it like it was.

A series of "Karen" videos showing women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people underscore why racial profiling stories still matter so much.

Race Matters

The latest instance of a "Karen" going wild on video came in the form of a white woman trying to criminalize a Black male while trying to steal a Citi Bike he had already paid for. The irony,

The full extent of the racist terror waged for years by Edward Cagney Mathews against his Black neighbors in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, is coming to light after a viral video showed him using the N-word and threatening people.

Cellphone videos of vigilante violence and fatal police encounters should be viewed like lynching photographs – with solemn reserve and careful circulation.

Many people on social media admonish white people vandalizing property.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, who has his own history of racial profiling that may be inspiring his ranks to disproportionately target Black and brown people.

The unidentified man threatened to kill the cop.

Speaking to thousands of law enforcement officials, FBI Director James Comey said that those who believe that there is a police shooting epidemic of black men “have no idea” what they’re talking about, and pressed police to begin keeping data to prove or disprove the point.