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Protests Continue In Philadelphia In Response To Death Of George Floyd In Minneapolis

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Since George Floyd‘s brutal arrest and death, protestors have expressed their outrage across the country towards the police officers involved and toward police brutality against Black people in general. Although many people were happy to witness white allies hitting the streets and being outspoken, many people have also been calling them out.

Various protests in places like Minneapolis, New York, and Atlanta have descended into violence for various reasons. Instead of deescalating conflicts, however, cops have inflicted more violence on protestors despite cameras rolling. Many Black protestors have been the victims of such violence and many activists and social media users have been demanding white people be conscious of how they act in such moments.

“If you are WHITE your only job is to stand between the police and the black protestors,” one Twitter user wrote. “Use your privilege be a shield. Do not loot it is not your time to to [sic] lead. You are to follow instructions from black protestors. If you are WHITE your only job is to protect black protestors.”


In one video that went viral, a Black woman had to call out white car riders for allegedly giving a brick to Black men.

“Bitch, don’t give no group of Black men no brick to throw,” the Black woman told someone in the back seat of a car before giving them back a brick that purportedly belonged to them.

“Why the fuck would you give that to them. That shit is wild disrespectful. I don’t give a fuck about your friend,” the Black woman said to someone in the front seat of the car. “I’m talking about this white bitch giving a group of Black men a brick to throw. Do you know that shit can get them killed.”

“Go in the fucking house before I kick everybody ass, go in the motherfucking house before I slap everybody glasses off their face,” the Black woman ended. You can watch the clip for yourself below.


The clip is the latest video to go viral where Black people have interceded on a white person’s actions amid protest.

In another video, white protestors were vandalizing a police car, causing outrage from the man recording the video. “What did I tell you, it is not Black people!” the camera person yells. Another protestor off-camera can be heard yelling, “You’re not helping them!”


In another video, a Black protestor pleads for a group of white people to stop vandalizing a building, but they don’t listen.

A Twitter user shared the video, writing, “Dear White People: this is not your time to rage against neoliberal capitalist whatever and cosplay anarchists to piss off your parents in Walnut Creek. Ignoring the pleas of a the black woman protestor to STOP is not being an ally. Basically, you suck.”


Per usual, the protests across the country have stirred debates on whether looting or vandalism is appropriate. On one hand, folks have argued that Black people have a justifiable rage to destroy property, especially when it seems like people are valued less than a Target or Autozone. “The target and autozone will be fixed and items will be replaced, there is no insurance that could give George Floyd his human life back,” wrote rapper Ric Wilson.


However, there are others who don’t believe it’s the right move and at the very least, they don’t believe white people should be instigating such actions. Many people also believed Black-owned businesses should be protected.

“It’s mainly white people doing the looting bc they think it’s a joke and they know we’ll get blamed for it,” wrote one Twitter user. “Please think…why would black people knowingly break into a black business and ik y’all seen all them white people in that target please think.”


Since George Floyd’s death, fired officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder. People are calling on the other officers involved — J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane, Tou Thao — to also be charged as protests continue across the country.


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