One of the least mentioned aspects of the death of André Leon Talley has been the role that race played during his life. But he was very vocal about the intersection of racism and the fashion world, as these quotes show.

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Star Wars actress Lupita Nyong'o hits the October issue of Vogue magazine, marking the second time she's covered the publication.

Vogue magazine continues to keep up with the times, recently introducing its first podcast hosted by contributing editor Andre Leon Talley.


New York Giants player Jason Pierre-Paul nearly put his career in jeopardy after a Fourth of July fireworks incident left him seriously injured. According to medical records, the defensive end got his right index finger amputated Wednesday, but he will still play during the 2015 season. Many would think that amputating a finger could be […]

President Barack Obama and the First Lady discuss their lives before and after the White House, being effective parents, and how they stay true to themselves in Vogue Magazine’s April issue. RELATED: Michelle Obama Writes To NewsOne Readers: Thank You For Election Support, Volunteer For Day Of Service!!! In an excellent interview conducted by Jonathan […]