A Wall Street Journal writer suggested without evidence that "diversity demands" might have contributed to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse because there was "1 Black" on the board.

The New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday suspended trading at around 11:30 a.m. ET due to an “internal technical issue,” CNN reports. President of the NYSE, Thomas Farley, told CNBC that they hoped to resume trading at 2:45 p.m. ET. Trading resumed nearly an hour later. “It is the most significant outage since Nasdaq’s blackout [in […]

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Amazingly, a new poll shows that likely voters would prefer a Republican controlled Congress over a Democratic one. The Wall Street Journal/Annenberg Poll found that 52% of those polled favor a GOP run Capitol Hill while 41% favored a Democratic Capitol. “NewsOne Now” guest host Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk panel featuring Cornell William Brooks, President […]


Former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal reporter Ronald Kessler wrote an article in Politico Magazine about Secret Service security concerns that has raised a lot of eyebrows. At the end of his Politico Magazine article,  Kessler wrote: Agents tell me it’s a miracle an assassination has not already occurred. Sadly, given Obama’s colossal lack […]


In the wake of President Barack Obama’s profiling comments following the Trayvon Martin case, a 2008 Wall Street Journal article has resurfaced, noting the time Obama (pictured) was mistaken as a waiter at a book party 10 years ago. RELATED: Robert Zimmerman Jr: ‘I Agree With President Obama’s Speech’ [VIDEO] According to reporter Katherine Rosman, the […]

Virginia — You may recall an article written by Jason Riley for the Wall Street Journal questioning the relevance of HBCUs in today’s society. In the article, he admonished President Obama for going along with the status quo as it relates to the funding of HBCUs and how they are run. He stated that black […]

President Obama has shown a commendable willingness to shake up the status quo in K-12 education by advocating reforms, such as charter schools, that have left his teachers union base none-too-pleased. So it’s unfortunate that he has such a conventional approach to higher education, and to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in particular.