From After a three-year search for a location, Tiger Woods‘s charitable foundation will announce Tuesday that it plans to open campuses for the Tiger Woods Learning Center this fall at a pair of District charter schools, following through on a pledge to make Washington the East Coast base for Woods’s philanthropic efforts.

From By any objective measure–moral, legal, ethical, the eyes of his horrified mother–the hip-hopper Wale screwed up. Management for the gifted artist best known for his duet with Lady Gaga contracted him to perform at D.C. Black Pride, a 20-year-old festival–for 45 minutes and $18,000. At the last minute, his team backed out, claiming […]

From To many outside of the Washington, D.C., area (or “ureah” as we would say), go-go seems like some random localized fad whose percussion-heavy beat is often unbearable after a few minutes of listening. To those of us, though, who grew up with the music, it is as much a part of who we […]

From At last week’s immigration march on Washington, tens of thousands of immigrants and activists rallied around the Capitol Building, calling for legislation that would afford legal status to the millions of illegal immigrants living and working within the United States. While official crowd estimates for such events are notoriously unreliable, the New York […]

By Ashley AC Trybula Wayne State University‘s Tom Adams Field was packed Wednesday morning to hear first lady’s speech on mentoring and the future of Detroit: the youth.

From Washington D.C.’s Calvin Coolidge High School needed a new varsity head football coach.

From the Washington Post: For doctors such as Pradeep Chopra, long accustomed to prescribing carefully tested medications by the exact milligram, medical marijuana presents a particular conundrum.

From the Washington Post: It’s five minutes to 7 on a wet March night, and, as I peek into classrooms while walking down the hall at the Dance Institute of Washington in Columbia Heights, I see several classes taking place at once.