Here are a few iconic Black cartoons that have been a vital part of promoting equity, inclusivity and diversity in the animated world. 

With talks of the making of the Winnie Mandela biographical film (bio-pic) played by Jennifer Hudson,  I have to wonder whether the film would measure-up to some of the great biopics of the past.

The first decade of the new millennium was marked by rapid economic and technological globalization.

As a kid growing up, my favorite sport to watch on Saturday mornings and Monday nights was wrestling. If it wasn’t WWF, it was WCW. If it was neither of those, I’d have to sneak in ECW late night on low volume so my parents wouldn’t hear me up so late. In elementary school, everyone […]

Okay so no Black movies really deserve Oscars this year, sorry Tyler, but many Black movies have been Blackballed and ignored by the Oscars for years. Here are ten classic Black films overlooked by the Oscars.

A month ago, we launched a Black History Month program on our sites titled “Way Black When.” Every day, we provided our readers with fresh content profiling African-American legends past and present; and original lists focusing on sports, entertainment, and politics from the last 40 years. Below is our most popular post to date. The […]

We love to see sitcoms with actors who look like us, talk like us, and act like us, but we know such shows are in small supply. To make up for the small amount of television shows with people who look and sound just like us, we supplement them with shows about people who live […]