A rain storm of $1, $5, $10, and $20 hit a Lewes, Del., marina on Saturday afternoon, stunning spectators. The total amount dropped? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000, according to WBOC 16. SEE ALSO: Woman Stabs Victim With Stiletto Heel After Baby Shower An unidentified person who recently passed away reportedly instructed his or her […]

Detroit EMS technician Joseph Hardman reportedly suffered a heart attack as he was performing CPR on a patient en route to the hospital on Friday, according to the Detroit Free Press. SEE ALSO: Tell Your Neighbor: Anti-Facebook Gospel Song Goes Viral [VIDEO] While reportedly performing CPR on a patient, Hardman began experiencing a heart attack of […]

Johnnie Gooden Jr. (pictured) was arrested and is being held on an assaulting a public servant charge for allegedly telling a bank teller he was the newly adopted son of First Lady Michelle Obama then asking for access to her bank account, according to the Houston Chronicle. SEE ALSO: White Woman Who Assaulted Chambers Singer […]

When the legendary former lead singer for ’60s soul group The Chambers, Lester Chambers (pictured left), began singing a peace song on July 13th for the slain youth Trayvon Martin, Dinalynn Andrews-Potter (pictured) shoved and assaulted him onstage. But instead of being slapped with a hate crime for her violent behavior, she was booked for assault […]


Thirty-one-year-old Derek Medina (pictured left) reportedly turned himself in to authorities, after allegedly fatally shooting his wife, Jennifer Alfonso (pictured), according to CBS Miami. SEE ALSO: Toddler Drowns While Babysitter Checks Facebook Page On his alleged Facebook page, Medina seemingly posted a photo of Alfonso — with blood on her left arm and face — […]

Towanda Reaves (pictured) has been charged with second-degree murder and child abuse, after Baltimore authorities say she rubbed the drug methadone on the gums of her 17-month-old grandson to get him to fall asleep.  The woman was also charged with assault, after police say she reportedly administered the same drug to her 20-month-old granddaughter as well, according […]

Kanealeen Latouche (pictured) was arraigned on Wednesday and charged with allegedly using her own children, ages 2 and 3, to make pornography, reports News Channel 3. SEE ALSO: Castro Sentenced To Life Plus 1,000 Years In Prison The Chesapeake, Va., Mom was arrested back on July 26th and charged with 30 counts of pornography involving her two […]

Houston Rockets power forward Terrence Jones (pictured) was arrested in Portland on Wednesday, after police reportedly witnessed him stomping on a homeless man’s leg outside of a nightclub, according to the New York Daily News. Jones was charged with harassment then released hours later on his own recognizance. SEE ALSO: O.J. Simpson To Receive Parole, Still […]

The former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (pictured) is hawking some pretty eye-opening wares these days on his “Cain TV” Internet web network. One of the latest acid-trip e-mails sent out by the pizza mogul’s site is a snake-oil remedy for erectile dysfunction, according to the New York Post. Come again? SEE ALSO: Cornel West: President […]

Meshael Alayban (pictured), a Saudi Arabian princess, was charged on Wednesday with human trafficking for allegedly holding a Kenyan woman against her will at her Orange County, Calif., home by taking away her passport and forcing her to work around the clock, seven days a week for herself and family, according to the Daily Mail. SEE ALSO: […]

Christie Dawn Harris (pictured right), who harbored a loaded handgun in her vagina when she was arrested earlier this year on drug charges, has now been given a 25-year prison sentence for her crimes, according to The Smoking Gun. RELATED: Woman Caught With Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina During an Oklahoma, Pontotoc County, District Court hearing, the […]

Julia Charlene Merfeld (pictured) faces life in prison, after she got caught on video plotting to have her husband killed by a hitman, because according to her, “it was easier than divorcing him.”  The scheming wife, who didn’t suspect that her wheeling and dealing antics to have her husband snuffed out were being filmed,  erroneously hired an […]