Brianna Pinnix, a white woman dubbed "Train Karen," was fired after a video showing her harassing "German" passengers with a xenophobic rant went viral.

African immigrants are increasingly finding themselves in hostile, unwelcome environments across the globe as racist, xenophobic, populist movements thrive, especially in Europe and parts of the Middle East.

A group, allegedly football players, dismantled the Trump wall built by the Tulane University's Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Students of color took offense to the suggested message written on the sandbag wall.

The father of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed told the newspaper that he withdrew his son from the Irving Independent School District

Ahmed Mohamed accepted President Obama's invite to the White House, but Sarah Palin's daughter believes Obama shouldn't get involved.

Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas student who was detained after teachers mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, has received support from all over the world. The MacArthur High School student was interrogated by police on Monday after he presented the homemade gadget to his teachers, who were consequently convinced it was a detonation device. Authorities were […]

Over the last few weeks American Muslims have been in the news a lot. It started with controversy over the TV show All American Muslim. Then it continued after Muslims boycotted Lowe’s hardware stores for pulling ads during the show due to outside pressure. Not long after Muslim community leaders in New York boycotted Mayor Bloomberg’s […]