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I’m sick of you bleeding hearts whining about how America has a “responsibility” to other nations around the globe to ensure “justice,” “democracy,” and whatever other crappy ideological nonsense some of you nuts actually think that we really practice here.

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It really pisses me off when people believe that.

And let me be even more specific: it especially pisses me off when Black people believe that. We should know better.

Still, you hear us, us of all people, arguing that if a leader somewhere, anywhere, is out there committing genocide “against his own people” (God, I hate that one), then we as Americans should feel some kind of obligation to go in there and do something.

Oh yeah?

Thank God you guys specified that it need be “against his own people” cause if anybody should have rushed in to save a people from genocide, where were all the nations of the world when the American Indians were being slaughtered wholesale to make way for highways?

And if anybody should be able to be slaughtered, shouldn’t it be one’s “own people”?

I mean c’mon, let’s be realistic: Who would you rather me slaughter, my own people or your people?

Right now, somebody’s moaning, “I’d rather you not slaughter anybody!”


But if you’re one of those empathetic crybabies who claims to “love everyone like family” then I’m glad we’re not related.

And that’s just the ½.

Another thing that kills me too, Black people specific as well, where were all our saviors when we were in chains?

Couldn’t we have used some “world police” then?

Personally, I’m glad we didn’t get any help and that we, along with our lunatic fringe that included Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Gabriel Prosser along with great, white Homies like John Brown were able to use terror among other tactics and scare slave owners into realizing that it was time to give us us free.

This way, we don’t owe anybody.

And there’s no better feeling than not being in anybody else’s pocket.

But you bleeding hearts would rather the world be in our pocket by us giving them their freedom which is really no freedom at all.

It’s just debt.

One last note: even halfwit Black people realize that the police only exist to protect the interests of the rich.

If America is the “world’s police”, then who exactly are the rich?


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