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Tall_Dark_Aries says, “I highly doubt if Barack Obama needs Al Sharpton protesting about a cartoon.”

In the BP news article titled “Blacks, as usual, misplace their outrage and ignore the REAL problems.” members discuss whether the NY Post deserves our attention in light of the issues in our own communities.  He goes on to say…

“Al Sharpton, Spike Lee and the NACCP are concerned about a damn cartoon? Why not give as much energy, press and air time to BLACK homelessness, homicides, college attrition rates, black abortions, black absent fathers, black men raping black babies, BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT, BLACK PEOPLE GOING HUNGRY EVERY DAY, Black health issues, BLACK MEN DYING TOO EARLY FROM PROSTATE CANCER, black illiteracy, black boys terrorizing entire black neighborhoods — but we talking about a damn cartoon?”

What is your opinion? Are we losing focus on important issues or is protesting the NY Post worthwhile? Check out the ongoing debate here. Look at some of the people that do support the petition against the NY Post here. Keep updated on the latest news here. Sign the petition here.