NBA legend Rasheed Wallace was honored with a street naming in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Justice continues to be denied for 8-year-old Fanta Bility and other victims of a late August police shooting.

Showtime recently donated $500,000 to support and advance grassroots initiatives in Chicago.

A survey by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. shows that African Americans value community involvement more than Whites.

Emotions are running high over the case of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died last week while under the restraint of NYPD officers. Social media activist have mobilized under the #JusticeForEricGarner hashtag. There is, however, another community online expressing their feelings about the case: police, and what many have to say is chilling. […]

Your local barbershop probably consists of TVs broadcasting ESPN, animated banter on almost any subject and music to match the vibe of the shop. The only literature you would expect to find is a magazine. A Palm Beach County, Fla., barbershop is altering this traditional view of barbershops by taking away the televisions and radios […]

  Haven’t heard much talk about Father’s Day this year. Debates about what Dad would like, what size he might wear, what he could use — these topics haven’t exactly been crossing the social media universe or Black Zeitgeist too much lately. It’s this coming Sunday, and there has been a lack of conversation about […]

Crime rates in American cites are falling and according to new research diversity may be the reason. Researchers at the University of Toronto believe the growing trend of racial diversity in American cities is contributing to the downward trend. From TheGrio: “The association between crime and community characteristics — like the proportion of the population […]

Tall_Dark_Aries says, “I highly doubt if Barack Obama needs Al Sharpton protesting about a cartoon.”

The group <a title="BP Group - Serious Black Issues" href="">Serious Black Issues</a> deals with the pressing concerns of poverty, teenage pregnancies, gun violence that affects our communities.  Check it out!