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Minutes after President Obama announced the news that Bin Laden has been killed, many of our BlackPlanet community members began to react to the news that has brought some measure of peace to the families who had victims of his various terrorist attacks.

Below are some of the comments by some Black Planet members:

By MYA3002:

“Talk about Obama and his birth certificate, he got pissed and handed Osama his death certificate… I bet they won’t ask him where he was born again!”

By Stan_Vinyl:

“Score 100 points for team Obama… no matter how you personally feel, he got the masses wrapped up on this one! I have learned not to underestimate anyone, I don’t know what type of personal intell ANY of you may have, all I know is that it appears to most that Obama got the job done”

“This is one HUGE step in a serious of monstrous events that are gearing up for Obama’s 2nd term! I called it the first tiime when people said it would never be and I’m calling it again. I hope ya’ll hungry, cause we getting 2nd’s.”

By ODoggz:

“He’s been dead for a LONG time! They’re only now putting it out so Obama gets reelection.”

By BVince:

“No matter what President Obama does he will never be liked by some blacks even though he is more ‘African-American’ than the blacks that talk about him.”

By TMAC_35000:

“I give props to the special forces that capped him!”

By XxWarriorGoddessxX:

“Yeah, let’s see if Trump will ask to see this dead Osama’s death certificate.”

By younghazelj:

“Under obama, we got osama. bush spent 8 yrs and got nothing… now talk trash about BHO! go ahead….I’m waiting for it!”

By blackbizman2008:

It’s important to make a clear distinction between Obama the Man and Obama the President. This is the biggest coup of America’s war on terrorism, and Obama has once again become a world super hero. His re-election is now pretty much secure, and going by how the world judges presidents, he’s the man to most people.

Having said that, last night, as the news was breaking about Osama’s death, i had conversations with several friends and fam about this. The main thing I wondered will they show the body as clear proof of death. There’s a pattern in history of not showing the death of a world-appointed enemy where the body of the enemy is shrouded in mystery. Look at Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc. I’m kinda like doubting Thomas, who was skeptical of the resurrection of Jesus until he saw the body. I’m withholding my “celebration” until I see the body, or at least video coverage of his assassination (I’m pretty sure one of the special forces wore a camera-mounted helmet). They’re reporting that Osama got “buried at sea.” I need to see a body, but oh well…

But the most curious thing to me is how it seems none of those celebrating asked questions to confirm all of this. The media reports, and the people automatically celebrate. Not quite me. The circ**stances surrounding 9/11 were shrouded in immense mystery, and I’m afraid so is this chapter…

By CoolguyP:

“I need to see a body…….if they dumped out to sea, all I can say is….MEGATRON came back!!”

By Beauty456:

“It amazes me how some of our people will fall for anything. Osama has been gone, its just that simple. American’s are rejoicing while their dollar remains low, unemployment, especially amongst African-Americans remain high. Its a shame where peoples values are. This story is a big crock like everything else. They need to bring the real criminals to justice. The people who destroyed the world economy!”

By Yourdaddy123:

“I dont normally celebrate a mans death but will GLADLY take exception in this piece of crap’s death.”

By Bluesexyrose:

“Bin Laden supporters are not going to like seeing Americans rejoicing his dead. I think terrorist will plan some sort of retaliation.”


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