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Anthony Weiner’s Twitter scandal is not the worst of the ridiculous events that have transpired through this media channel. The personal nature of Twitter has made it all too easy for big egos to express their worst sides before rational thought can intervene. Embarrassment over these scandalous tweets is one common result of reckless writing –but in a few instances Twitter ranters defend their behavior. You never know what Twitter will make you do in this shocking tweet-and-blame game.

Take a look at 11 Twitter scandals that make Anthony Weiner’s alleged activities look like an exercise in shy humility –and then tell us: does what he possibly did seem so bad?

1. Chris Brown’s Homophobic Rant

Brown stalled his career comeback by attacking Raz-B over Twitter, making harsh references to Raz-B’s revelation that he had been molested. Yes, Chris whipped out anal penetration as a hard-hitting comeback.  Even though Raz-B came at Brown first for hitting Rihanna, no amount of pride is worth spewing hate.

2. Glenn Beck “Favorites” White Supremacist Tweet

It does not come as a surprise that Glenn Beck was caught making a tweet from white supremacists a favorite.  It’s more shocking that he made an effort to hide his bigotry by removing his skewed favorites list when his obvious allegiances were uncovered. Good thing this race-baiting pundit will lose his FOX News platform on June 30 — one less outlet for his insanity.

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3. Perez Hilton Tweets Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot… Twice

Hilton eventually admitted the crotch shots were fakes, and ostensibly created to teach Miley to get out of her car in a lady-like manner. By the time he backtracked, it was too late. Perez had already angered fans, sponsors, and anti-child pornography activists. Hilton ended up making a tearful video apology, a la Chris Brown, showing even celebrities have boundaries.

4. Ice T Orders Folk Musician to “Eat a Hot Bowl of Dicks”

I know old school rappers like Ice feel an intense need to always go hard, but against a folk singer? Songstress Aimee Mann criticized his acting first, and actors are sensitive people, but folk singers are super-sensitive. Let’s hope Ms. Mann cried herself to sleep and then turned this painful experience into her next soulful ditty.

5. 50 Cent Blocked For Posting “Heaps of Sexually Explicit Tweets”

As 50 Cent is usually an expert at using social media to get attention, the tweeting of pics that would obviously get you banned, only to be reinstated, seems relatively uncreative. But wait until you read what 50 did next.

6. 50 Cent Rigs Stock Market in His Favor

Ironically, 50 made an even bigger impact on Twitter and the stock market by causing shares in a company he was partnering with to increase dramatically through his tweets. The Securities Exchange Commission even began to eye the new media attention whore for spurring his followers to buy this company’s stock. He created millions of dollars in wealth on paper for himself almost instantaneously.

7. Meghan McCain Tweets Sexy Picture of Her Cleavage

Meghan McCain’s self-portrait in a revealing top set the Twitterverse storming, with many calling her a slut for tweeting a pic focusing on her boobs. Are people crazy? No offense, but McCain’s body is not all that.  And it’s the Internet. Most have seen breasts online before, in much more explicit contexts.

8. Sarah Palin “Favorites” Pic of Obama As “Taliban Muslim”

Palin tried to claim this was a mistake. Obviously. Her high level of truth-telling and complete avoidance of inflammatory propaganda is in total accordance with this claim. I refudiate anyone who thinks different.

9. ABC Tweets Obama Calling Kanye a Jackass

Okay, Obama was right. Kanye West was being a jackass when he grabbed the microphone from poor little sweet Taylor Swift. And the ABC reporter who caught that comment and broadcasted it was wrong to do so, as the president was probably talking off the record. Still, the president shouldn’t have said it. It’s one of the few moments of Obama’s career in which he did not seem “presidential.”

10. Republican Candidate Tweets “Hitler a Strong Leader”

Note to world: Stop saying nice things about Hilter! It’s funny. Hitler is seen as nearly 100% responsible for War War II and the systematic murder of millions of human beings, yet major public figures can’t help but see the good in him, like a battered girlfriend. Just recently, internationally renowned director Lars von Trier caused an uproar by stating the he “understands Hitler.” What gives?  How can this villain keep getting the sympathy vote from powerful white men? Oh wait…

11. State Senate Candidate Calls Obama “Power Hungry Arrogant Black Man”

How did this Twitter scandal escape mainstream dissemination? According to The Huffington Post, “Mike Parry, a Minnesota state Senate candidate, posted — then defended — a tweet calling Obama a ‘power hungry arrogant black man’” – and then went on to win! Please do the world a favor, and write this man, letting him know what a fool he is.

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