As we have abandoned our young brothers and sisters – leaving them to fend for themselves and leaving nothing for them build on, they have become unrecognizable to many of us. We have lost the ability to distinguish between those who would do us harm from those who would keep us from harm. We have physically and socially walled ourselves off from our children and are living in fear from those whom we should be preparing to lead. We have not charted the path forward for them and we now face the possibility of loosing an entire generation.

More and more, our young brothers and sisters are forced to define the path forward for themselves. “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” If we don’t answer yes to this question we will be responsible for a cultural genocide of catastrophic proportions.

With each segment of this series, I am further convinced that we have the capacity to transform our reality into one that uplifts and enriches. I am encouraged by the tenacity of people like Alton, Phillip and Nathan, who are highlighted in this week’s segment of “From The Bottom Up.” Young brothers and sisters like them are working hard to provide some relief in communities where hopelessness has taken hold. We owe them our help and support.

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