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NEW YORK — New York Department of Transportation data shows that five streets in Harlem have dramatically high fatal crash rates, with Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. and 125th St. being some of the city’s worst places for accidents.

The Daily News reports:

Transportation Department officials also listed Lenox Ave. and W. 135th St. as being among the city’s high crash corridors.

In a report presented at a Community Board 10 meeting last week, the DOT revealed that 56% to 84% of the vehicles along Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. were speeding.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation said the agency plans to schedule a public workshop to come up with ideas to calm traffic and reduce speeding. The DOT has installed a speed board on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. to alert drivers of their speeds, and also plans to install pedestrian countdown signals on street corners.