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NEW YORK–Carlos Cancel saved a drunken man’s life on a NYC subway station Friday–the interesting part is that it wasn’t the first time.

Twenty years ago, Cancel jumped off a subway platform to save a man who had fell over at 34th St. When another drunken man on Friday lost his footing and fell over the platform at W. 72nd St., Cancel had a case of déjà-vu.

Cancel hastily jumped onto the tracks, scooped the man up and threw him back onto the platform just minutes before an oncoming train approached the station.

The NY Daily News Reports:

While he was sitting on a bench waiting for an uptown 2 train, Cancel saw a clearly intoxicated 30-year-old man staggering along the edge of the platform.

Then without warning, two women nearby screamed as the man lost his footing, fell off the platform and landed face-first on the tracks.

Though many would consider Cancel to be a hero, he maintained that it was simply instinct and that anyone would have reacted the same way in such circumstances.



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