An NYPD officer repeatedly shoved a teenage girl out of subway station because she didn't pay her train fare.

Social media is calling for the racist white woman to be arrested.


Critics of an initiative to stop fare evasion say residents living in poverty are punished and harkens back to New York's so-called Broken Windows policing that helped foster the mass criminalization of nonviolent Black and brown people.

An incident involving a transgender woman getting pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City has now been labeled a hate crime. The incident occurred Monday morning at the platform of a No. 6 train heading towards Brooklyn at Bleecker Street. David Hollister, 28, who identifies as a woman, was waiting for the train when […]

The MTA will heavily enforce rules concerning protests at Grand Central station, following two arrests Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports. RELATED: #BlackLivesMatter Protestors Occupy Grand Central For 24 Hours The change comes a day after a #BlackLivesMatter group completed a 24-hour action against police violence at the terminal. During that demonstration, MTA officers arrested activist […]


The MTA wrote up a motorman who joined in on the annual “No Pants Subway Ride” in New York City on his day off in January, according to the New York Daily News. SEE ALSO: School Bus Driver Mocks Crying Child And Makes Students Chime In Christopher Chase (pictured) not only took part in the popular improv […]

This morning, riders on New York’s MTA subway train system in Queens endured a scary event, where two people were injured after a woman went on stabbing rampage. MTA officials say Dina Saint-Fleur, 25, was arrested around 8:45 a.m., after slashing two victims, reports the New York Post. MUST WATCH: How To Give Your Closet […]

NEW YORK–Carlos Cancel saved a drunken man’s life on a NYC subway station Friday–the interesting part is that it wasn’t the first time. Twenty years ago, Cancel jumped off a subway platform to save a man who had fell over at 34th St. When another drunken man on Friday lost his footing and fell over […]

NEW YORK–Two women engaged in a vicious brawl on a New York City train after one woman sprayed the other with Mace. Shortly thereafter, one of the woman’s baby, safely strapped in a stroller, rolled off the train. The fight was captured on a cellphone and uploaded on YouTube and Animal New York. It is […]

New York — The New York Daily News is reporting that the MTA is using trains to transport garbage late nights collected from tracks by the work crews. A transit worker told the paper that he’s seen passengers sharing cars with big orange trash magazines. “I’ve seen stacks of bags, leaking, blocking the doorway, blocking […]

New York–An underground ad campaign for Diddy’s new album had some Manhattan commuters doing double takes Tuesday morning.