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EURweb reports that Michael Vick is attempting to secure a reality show deal for when he gets out of jail. Seriously? Check out the below story about how Michael Vick has turned into a desperado.


So Michael Vick will star in his own documentary. And while it’s not surprising that he is willing to do almost anything for a dollar, it is quite surprising that his legal and public advisers are allowing a journalistic introspective into a lifestyle that Vick should want the public to forget about.

Reportedly, Vick has been offered $600,000 to have his life detailed in the aforementioned documentary. And while his athletic exploits, lavish lifestyle and unbelievable popularity are certain to be chronicled in this film, there’s no doubt that his run as the financier of an intricate dogfighting ring will be highlighted as well. With that being the case, one has to wonder if the money he will be paid is worth the negative feedback he will receive from this documentary?

Michael Vick Looks For Reality Show Deal

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You can be 100% sure that no filmmaker offering Vick $600,000 is going to allow Vick to have control over what does and does not make the final cut of the movie. At that price, not even Frank Lucas Jr. could himself ave a say in this film’s final cut.

So what is Vick going to do when the makers of this film turn to those who participated in the dogfighting ring with Vick, and those snitches–I mean co-conspirators–say things that make Vick look 10-times worse than he already does? Is he really going to allow himself to be an accomplice to this film, essentially co-signing everything that is said in the film by starring in it?

I don’t think Vick, his lawyers, or his public reputation is ready to be vilified by a movie that Vick is actually a part of. That would be like Frank Lucas or Al Capone trying to restart their businesses after their biopics came out. I really can’t see how participating in such a film, or even allowing such a documentary to be made, can help Vick retain his livelihood as a football player in the NFL. No team is going to want to sign him after an entire documentary about his time fighting dogs is out there for the public to watch and reference. That would just be bad business. And if there is one thing the NFL does not do, it’s bad business.

That being said, Michael Vick needs the money. He owes millions of dollars to his creditors, and if he wants to pay it back, making $600,000 for what will probably amount to relatively little work makes good sense. But Vick and his lawyers will have to take a long hard look at the opportunity costs of participating in a film that is sure to denigrate his viability as a respectable human being.

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Michael Vick Looks For Reality Show Deal