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TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – A TV channel is quoting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as saying he retreated from his Tripoli compound in a “tactical move” after 64 NATO airstrikes turned it to rubble.

Al-Rai TV said Wednesday it would air the comments from Gadhafi in full soon and reported an excerpt in which the leader of Libya’s crumbling regime vows his forces will resist “the aggression with all strength” until either victory or death.

It was not clear from the remarks when Gadhafi abandoned the Bab al-Azaziya compound, which was overrun by rebel fighters Tuesday.

The rebel force entered the compound after fighting for five hours with Gadhafi loyalists outside, using mortars, heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft guns. They killed some of those who defended the compound and hauled off thousands of rifles, crates of weapons and trucks with guns mounted on the back in a frenzy of looting.


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