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Florida Congressman Alan West says he’s contemplating leaving the Congressional Black Caucus after fellow caucus member Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind) told attendees at a recent CBC town hall metting that the Tea Party would love to see Black people hanging from trees.

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West responded to Carson’s remarks on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” saying, “When you start using words such as lynching… that’s a reprehensible word and I think we should move away from that language,” he said. “One of the things I’m starting to think about is reconsidering my membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, because I don’t think they’re moving in the right manner toward solving the problems in not just the black community, but all of America.”

The blatant hypocrisy that West displays for daring to accuse anyone of race-baiting is laughable and pathetic. After insinuating that President Obama and he are more alike than his supporters may realize—claiming that it’s “hypocritical” that Obama’s “big Black bus is not going into the Black community”— West was led by FOX’s Laura Ingraham to call his CDC colleague, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a “plantation boss,” while casting himself as Harriet Tubman.



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