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The detective who fired the first shot in the barrage of 50 that killed Sean Bell testified Wednesday that he used the gun out of fear because he thought Bell’s friend would strike first.

“All I saw was his arm coming up,” Det. Gescard Isnora said of Joseph Guzman, a passenger in Bell’s car during the fateful moments immediately before the highly controversial 2006 police shooting.

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Isnora, who was undercover at the time of the shooting, testified in his NYPD trial that he believed Guzman held a firearm in his hand – and that this fear trumped the detective’s reluctance to use his gun.

“I wasn’t going to wait for him to pull up and ‘Boom!’ I wasn’t going to wait for that,” Isnora said, providing his first public statements since the shooting, which claimed Bell’s life on the morning he was to be married.

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