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The rumors surrounding the Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry’s engagement, which hit the media on Wednesday like rapid-fire, are now squashed. Berry and her Frenchie paramour Olivier Martinez are still an item but will not be getting hitched anytime soon, reports TMZ.

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What set off the uncontrolled yapping about the pre-nuptials was the fact that Berry has been sporting a sparkler with emeralds and diamonds.  The eye-catching bling, which Berry just happens to wear on her left ring finger, caught the attention of some paparazzi around the holidays and all bets were off.

The word on the street is that Martinez, who was once notorious for being a suave womanizer, had gifted the ring to his latest love but not as a token of their engagement. Sources did reveal that Berry and Martinez are indeed committed to each other but won’t be taking a trip down any aisle in the near future.

Meanwhile, Berry hasn’t been tight-lipped about the fact that she is a “stinker at marriage,” having gone that route unsuccessfully twice before with baseball player David Justice and crooner Eric Benét.  Both marriages ended acrimoniously.  Berry’s marriage to Justice ended amid accusations of domestic abuse, then a suicide attempt by the actress.  Berry’s union with Benét ended, when she found out that he was supposedly a “sex addict.”

After a 5-year relationship with her child’s father, Gabriel Aubrey, Berry pulled the plug on their commitment to each other, when there was again talk of cheating on his end and alleged verbal abuse.  The couple wound up duking it out in court over custody rights.

So is it any surprise that Berry is gun-shy about tying the knot a third go-round?

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