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By Ashley Michelle Williams

It may be even harder for many Americans to get welfare as 23 states have, or are considering, enforcing stricter laws that would require welfare recipients to take drug tests. Yet, experts say that African-Americans are more likely to be impacted by these laws since they are vulnerable to welfare sanctions and have greater problems with illegal drug use.


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If the states considering it pass this mandate, officials will force people who they “reasonably” believe are using illegal drugs to take drug tests before receiving their benefits.

Some states are already enforcing the mandate in different capacities.

For example, a Florida law requires drug tests for all welfare applicants, while Arizona and Missouri are only testing people based on the suspicions of welfare authorities.

Furthermore, Colorado state representative Jerry Sonnenberg is sponsoring a bill that would make those who apply for Colorado’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program pay for and pass a drug test before getting government assistance.

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